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I'm Back. Again.

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Hello, it’s me, once again. I’ve been away for a long time. I’ve been thinking about this blog obsessively. I had a strong desire to write when I first created Quiet Girl Chronicles. Over the course of a year, I slowly lost the desire to share things about my life. It’s not that I was going through anything that was particularly difficult, but it was too hard to explain. Maybe I felt like I wasn’t special enough to write about my life. There were moments I felt lonely and lost. There were moments I felt grateful and happy. There were moments I started to feel like I was wasting so much time, and other moments I felt like I was living exactly how I wanted to.

It sounds like a rollercoaster, doesn’t it?

If I wasn’t feeling stable on the inside, how can I properly express myself on this blog? I felt so silly after having these thoughts. The biggest reason I started this blog was to have a platform where I can freely express myself without feeling like I must have everything figured out. So, I decided I’m just going to write without overthinking it.

I changed the name of this blog as well. I feel like “quiet girl” doesn’t fit me anymore. It started off as a joke, the quiet girl name. At my previous work place, I was known as the quiet girl. Mainly because I was pretty shy, but also because I didn’t have the energy to involve myself into workplace conversations. Sometimes it turned into drama and words were twisted into something they weren’t. Rather than be involved, I chose to be quiet.

Among my friends I was also often the most quiet out of the group, choosing to be the observer. That was quite fun because I have friends who make me feel seen even if I was a bit on the quieter side.

And lastly, I was the quiet girl because I was afraid to speak out and stand up for myself. This was known only to me. I was quiet because I was quieted. I think I am ready to share more about this in later blog posts, but for now that’s all I will say.

I am moving on from the “quiet girl” persona and moving onto something better.

This blog is now My Cozy Little Blog. I chose this name because I want to feel like I can share anything here in my quiet little corner of the internet. So, this is where I am.

I really hope to stick around much longer than before. If you are still subscribed after all this time, thank you for your patience. And if you are new here, welcome and I hope you come along this journey with me. Where this journey will take us, I have no clue. But I’m excited, energized, and ready to start.

Happy new year to you all. Let’s become better versions of ourselves in 2023.

I love you all.

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