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7 Things I Am Too Old For

Recently, there has been a trend going around TikTok of people making a list of all the things they are now too old for. This trend has been so fun to watch, and I decided to participate as well. I am a bit late to join this trend, but I am going for it anyways. Instead of just a video on TikTok, I wanted to write about it in more detail. So, let me jump right into it! Here are 7 things I am too old for.

1. I am too old to be afraid to try new things. Life is a gift. We only have this one life to live, and we should be doing everything that makes us feel like we are living it to the fullest. There have been way too many instances in my life where I passed up an opportunity to try something new, and I have felt a bit of regret every time. I am done with living a life full of so many what ifs. What if I start saying yes to more? Maybe there will still be some what ifs in my life. However, I would rather have more moments where I say, “Why not?” instead of saying, over and over again, “What if?”

2. I am too old to worry about how many calories are in my cake, or cookies, or ice cream. To be honest, I am not much of a sweet tooth. You’re more likely to find me downing some Flamin Hot Cheetos or some nachos with tons of cheese. But you get what I mean, right? Again, life is too short to miss out on all of the delicious things we have the luxury of eating. Indulging is okay in moderation. I am not going to have these yummy treats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week. Recently I have been working towards taking even better care of my health and I have started to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and proteins into my diet. So, if I am being wellness conscious for five days out of the seven days a week, then having some treats on those two days is fare and totally okay. I am over being stressed about indulging in the treats that make me feel good.

3. I am too old to be the one doing all the work in a friendship. This means a lot of different things. I am no longer going to be the friend that constantly reaches out to friends who do not do the same for me. I understand that not everyone thinks the same way I do, and things slip into the background of the more pressing matters in life. I am not expecting to be the first thought on the minds of my friends. But if I was the one to initiate a conversation or meet up, isn’t it common courtesy for the friend to be the one to reach out the next time? Of course, as I said, I am not asking to be a priority. However, I have had friendships where I am the one to reach out first, and then again, and then again and again. Meanwhile, the other person doesn’t reach out to me once on their own accord. It makes me feel unimportant, like my friendship is not of value. So, I am no longer using my energy on these kinds of friendships. Luckily, I have weeded out many of these kinds of friendships over the years.

4. I am too old to entertain toxic people. When I was younger, I was willing to spend a lot of time with people I knew were no good for me, because I wanted to be their friend and I wanted their approval. This is not happening anymore. My peace is more important than someone who manipulates me and makes me feel terrible. I have been gaslit too many times to not notice when someone is trying this approach with me now. I will not tolerate it. End of story.

5. I am too old to have a messy home. I am a neat person, most days. I put things back where they belong, I wash the dishes as I use them, and I leave my floors clear and clean. There are some days though when you arrive home and you’re just so tired, and your neat and tidy home is no longer a priority. I accept that this will happen sometimes, but overall, I want to keep my space free from unnecessary clutter.

6. I am too old for constant late nights out. I can muster up the strength and energy to go out dancing with my friends every so often. But there was a time when I was doing this every other weekend. I just can’t do it anymore. I wake up the next day exhausted and hungover, and I waste a day lying in bed not feeling well. I mean, I like to stay in bed on my days off while sober too but at least then I can read or watch a movie or have phone calls with friends and family. My hangovers are too powerful to allow them in so often. So, I will have one late night maybe every couple of months. This makes me feel so old, but I want to enjoy my time off, not waste away with constant hangovers.

7. I am too old to be easily swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others. I grew up as a bit of a people pleaser. I would do things for the approval of family and friends without even realizing I was doing this. Many times, I felt unhappy making those decisions because they weren’t truly mine. As I entered my later 20s, I started to rely solely on my spirit and what my heart is telling me. I make the decisions that bring me peace, and life is so much better this way. Turning to loved ones is necessary sometimes, and I agree that sometimes an outside voice helps us put things into perspective. But I can’t ask four different people what their thoughts and opinions are of decisions I am making. These four people are all totally different and they will contribute very different thoughts. In the end, I may be even more confused that when I started because now, I have the thoughts of so many people on my mind. If I need to confide in someone, I choose one or 2 people I trust and know they have my best interest at heart.

So, this is my little list. It’s kind of fun to have it all written out like this. These are things that come into mind whenever I am faced with a situation that calls for these types of decisions. I spent a lot of my 20s learning about myself and about other people, and I choose to surround myself with people that make me feel safe. I also choose to make decisions that bring me peace. The things I wrote about on this list have made me feel more content with my life, and I hope it continues that way.

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